I’m Kesha – Wife and mother to an adorable set of twin preschoolers. Over the past couple of years I’ve been featured as a parenting and lifestyle expert on shows like CBS Better Mornings Atlanta and AMHQ on the Weather Channel.

I’ve spent the last couple of years intensely studying natural African American hair and learning what it takes to keep it healthy and encourage growth. I was inspired by my daughter to start this journey as I wanted her to know how to properly care for and truly appreciate her beautiful head of exquisite kinks and coils.

I get 100’s of questions every week from parents just like you who are anxious to find the best ways to care for their little one’s natural tresses. In a quest to make the question answering process easier for both you – my readers – and myself, I started this site with the sole purpose of answering the questions that you may have about caring for your child’s natural hair.

Sign up, ask questions, answer questions and engage with like-minded parents who have the same goal: healthy natural hair for their little one.

I’ll be online each Friday personally answering your questions and engaging in the conversation.