All newcomers should make themselves aware of our Q&A terms and conditions and these following points:

  • Be nice to one-another:

Kidz with Curlz is about spreading and sharing positivity. Tearing down someone else’s beliefs, parenting or general lifestyle will not be accepted. This is a safe space.

  • Moderation:

All posts and responses are moderated. Spam accounts, and other crazies will be ejected without warning.

  • Keep on topic:

Don’t hijack threads for your own purposes. I will tolerate a small amount of self-promotion but if it borders on spamming then your comment(s)/question(s) will be removed. (See point 2 above.)

  • Discussion:

Constructive criticism is good. Condescension, “keyboard bullies,” blatant personal attacks and other unnecessary arguments are not.

  • Don’t feed the trolls:

Instead of replying to deliberately offensive content, report it to me – the moderator – (There’s a button for just that purpose).

  • Identification:

Email addresses, personal addresses or any other identifying information will be deleted without warning. (Let’s be smart y’all.)

  • Content:

Post only your own opinions/information, not other people’s. I encourage you to add your own life experiences, or even tips and tricks you’ve found around the web that have worked for you. Keep in mind  that short in-context quotes are good and paraphrasing is fine. Blatant plagiarism is not.

  • Rules policing:

The reinterpretation of these and other terms and conditions to suit your argument will fail.

Infractions to any of these points, and/or breaches of the terms and conditions may result in account suspension. My opinion is final. (This is my personal blog/website after all.)

Remember: Rudeness, obnoxiousness or nastiness done just for the sake of it ain’t cool and will not be tolerated.