At this point I’m running out of ideals!

I love my son hair! I love taking care of his hair. I even started to love the texture of his hair although it’s completely different from his father and my hair. The older he’s getting the dryer his haair is becoming! I’m SO close to cutting it and just starting over or just cut it in all. I spend so much money on products for his hair and nothing seems to work. Recently (week ago) I started to do the hot oil treatment twice a week and rinse it off with room temperature water then style his hair. I want to cowash his hair but the products I’m using are making his hair dryer. What products do you recommend for his type of hair shampoo, leave in,  etc (by the way… what type of hair do you consider his). I need HELP! 

At this point I'm running out of ideals!

At this point I'm running out of ideals!

Natural Hair Novice Asked on September 2, 2016 in Products.
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