Cradle cap or scalp sores at 1 and a half

Hello. My Daughter is 1 and a half and In noticing what looks like cradle cap on her scalp again…dried scab looking flakes on her scalp. Im concerened that could be the cause of her slow and uneven growth. The top is extra long. The bald spot is growing in but very slow and some parts are long and other parts are short. Her hair is very dry. I wash once a week with ors kids shamp and conditioner…apply a leave in detangler, coconut oil and a hair creme…she will not keep a bonett on. Its long enough for a big poof at the top but the back where the bald spot is comes down. Also thr front hairline area is short and curly….I need serious help. She wont sit still for braids and her hair is too fine and uneven for larger ones and the small ones would have too much tension. Any suggestions on what I can do?? Thanks 

Natural Hair Novice Asked on July 21, 2017 in Hair Damage/Hair Loss.
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