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My daughter is bi-racial and I am a white mom.  She is three and was bald until she was two.  She is getting some cute little curls now just in the past year and only the back remains kind of thin.  I am excited to learn to care for her hair but her hair is not growing as fast as the other girls her age (who were born with more hair so that makes sense).  Her curls are beautiful and well moisturized with natural products that I buy from a local woman who sells natural hair care at the farmers market. She is desperate for long hair and gets very mad at me that her hair is not long and I can’t make one long pony tail or braid.  Now I usually put it in 4 or 5 puffs when she lets me but she still gets mad because she doesn’t have braids or pony tails.  I love her hair and I keep my hair pretty short too, but she is obsessed with wanting long hair.  I want her to have natural healthy hair and I want her to love her hair.  I try to limit her exposure to white princess garbage but she still sees it at school and in my weak moments when I let her watch Frozen.  A friend of mine who is black and braids her own hair offered to braid her hair for her birthday and add some hair extensions into the braids.  Is she too little for extension braids, if they are done loosely is it safe for her scalp just once in a while for special occasions? Thanks for any insights.


Natural Hair Novice Asked on February 16, 2017 in Styling.
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