Hair Styles For 5YOs with little to no edges

im looking for styles that will help with the growth of my twin step daughters edges. Their mother did serious damage. They are 5 with absolutely no edges. Hair just down the middle that’s very very thick but very brittle. When their mom tries braids that have beads to try and cover the broken off edges the braids just fall out with their hair along with it. 

Shes agreed to allow me to help. I believe their is a lack of moisture which causes the brittleness so I can handle getting and keeping their hair moisturized but I need styles to help get through this stage. HELP. And braiding styles, ponytails, etc. My husband doesn’t want their hair out. ( he believes they are too young) 

Natural Hair Novice Asked on July 25, 2016 in Styling.
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Aw, I’m so sorry that you’re having so many troubles with their hair. You’re right, it definitely sounds like they need some regular moisturizing deep conditioning treatments and also protein treatments. I would do deep conditioning (with heat) at least every other week. Use a conditioner that boasts “moisturizing” on the label. Shea Moisture has a great one to try. Use conditioners that say “repair” or “reconstruct” on the label no more than once a month. Those contain protein and they’ll need that only monthly. You can purchase the protein conditioning packs from your local beauty supply or online.

You and your husband need to sit down and have a chat. The reality is that leaving their hair out is probably your best option at this point. Putting extra stress with braids/cornrows and beads is only making things worse. Their hair is in a fragile state. The less tension that’s placed on it the better. A cute satin lined head band or hair bow can make it less “grown” if that is his concern, but tell him that if he’s at all interested in nursing their hair back to health then leaving it out for a while is your best option. From what you described, there’s really no magic style that I can think of that will help “cover up” the breakage. Loose box twists or box braids are an option. Adding a bow or headband to this style can really help. A cheap and easy option is to visit your local fabric store and purchase a yard of pretty satin fabric. Cut it into strips and use it as a head band by tying it around their heads into a bow.

Satin is key right now as cotton hats, headbands, sheets and pillowcases pull all moisture from the hair and create friction and breakage. Make sure they’re either sleeping with a satin bonnet or scarf or on a satin pillowcase EVERY night. (Use both if they’re wild sleepers.) You also need to try and make sure that they’re getting in the recommended amount of water and green veggies for their age group each day. Moisture and healthy hair growth starts from the inside.

If you guys do agree to let them wear their hair loose for a while, grab a spray bottle and put water with a few drops of leave in conditioner in it. Have that go with them when you can. Whenever their hair feels dry, give it a spritz. It may seem extreme, but their hair is very thirsty and will require some serious attention if you guys are going to get it back to a healthy state. Once you start seeing some growth and can put the hair in a secure protective style, you can ease up on the regular spritzing.

I hope those tips help. Let me know of your progress! 🙂

Admin Answered on July 25, 2016.
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