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Hi,  I have an one year daughter that has coily hair that’s slowly growing. For some reason I cannot find any product to keep her hair moisturized and suggestions on the best products and shampoo?

Natural Hair Novice Asked on October 19, 2016 in New Mom/Infant Hair Care.
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Remember that the hair of babies with natural texture goes through a lot of changes up to and around 24 months so don’t be too stressed about that seemingly slow hair growth. It will grow and you’ll then be wishing for the days when a few wispy strands were all she had. lol. Water/moisture is the key to healthy hair growth. Make sure that she’s getting in the recommended amount of water for her age group each day. At this age, she’s more than old enough to begin some natural deep conditioning treatments. Here’s an article on that. 

Make sure that she wears plenty of protective styles if her hair is long enough. If her hair isn’t long enough for protective styles, be sure to keep a spray bottle with water around to spritz her hair when it gets dry. After applying any water or moisture, be sure to seal it in with a natural oil like extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil

Product selection is all about trial and error. What I recommend may or may not work on your little one’s unique hair type and porosity. Climate can even affect how products work so it really is a matter of experimentation. With that being said, Aunt Jackie’s and Shea Moisture Kids are brands that I highly recommend starting with.

Admin Answered on October 20, 2016.
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