I can’t seem to find a good shampoo, conditioner moisturizer line that I can use daily

Hi Kesha I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and I’m definitely going through the trial and error stage with her hair. Her hair is 4c type and has some good length so far so I try to braid it to keep it growing at a good pace but now I’m seeing her edges are getting pretty thin. I’ve been using coconut oil on her hair since about one, I think it really helped with her growth especially in the back where the growth was kind of slow. The problem is I can’t seem to find a good shampoo, conditioner moisturizer line that I can use daily for her hair because her hair is dry and brittle like so her pretty styles I do don’t last that long. Please help I feel like I’m tugging at her hair so much and to often I don’t want to hurt my babies hair or her edges for that matter.

Natural Hair Novice Asked on July 19, 2016 in Products.
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Hi Aasiya,

It sounds like you’re on the right track, but I wouldn’t at all recommend washing and/or manipulating her hair daily. At the most I would say wash and condition her hair weekly. Washing daily can lead to something called hygral fatigue. This could lead to some serious damage and breakage. As you seemed to have realized, daily manipulation in general is not a good idea if length retention and hair health is your aim.

The best regimen would include picking one wash (and condition) day. On that day you wash with a sulfate free shampoo and then follow that up with a deep conditioning processed with heat. After you’ve rinsed your conditioner, you put in a leave-in, then a hair cream and then seal with an oil as your final step. This will lock in the moisture. Then you install a protective style (braids, twists, cornrows) and leave them in for the week. The following week you do the same routine. If her styles don’t last beyond a day then we need to hit up YouTube for some styling tutorials. There are tons of styles out there that will keep for at least a few days or longer. It will just take practice. I’ve had issues with my little one’s edges as well. What’s worked for me is Jamaican Black Castor oil. Mix it in an applicator bottle with extra virgin olive oil and apply to hair after you’ve spritzed with water.

As far as what shampoo and conditioner to use, homemade is always best, (especially for coarser hair textures) but if you simply don’t have the time, check out this list of all natural products: “10 of the Best All Natural Products to Use on Your Child with Natural Hair”. They’re all products that I highly recommend. The best part, they’re all natural and safe to use on little ones. 🙂

Admin Answered on July 19, 2016.
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