Natural hair boys and sleep routines

Hey everyone!

So I am a new mom just recently getting into the swing of things with her own natural hair. Maybe not a new mom, he’s technically a toddler now, lol. He has a head full of curls and it is absolutely gorgeous. He gets compliments everywhere we go and it is starting to get really long. We’ve established a wash routine and moisturizing routine and everything. The problem is, every night he sleeps on it and it gets very matted and dry in the back. It’s a constant struggle to keep it detangled and moist. I am planning to grow his hair out and braid it at some point. Is it weird to put a bonnet on his hair at night? 

Just because he is a boy, doesn’t mean his hair doesn’t need to be protected like the rest of us. Many of us wouldn’t consider sleeping without one due to breakage alone, so why should he? 

Do any other mommas of natural hair boys put a scarf on them at night? His dad doesn’t feel totally comfortable with it, but are there any other suggestions? 

Natural Hair Novice Asked on August 20, 2017 in Basic Natural Hair Care.
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