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Good Morning Kesha,

I want to start off by saying your site is the best.  I have been looking for help with my 2yr olds hair.  It holds some moisture, but your tips will help a tremendous amount.  I have two questions to be exact, but before I start I want to apologize if you have already answered them.

  1. I looked up my 2yr old daughter’s hair type and she is a 4C.  I saw the recommended brands below and I went with Karen’s Body Leave-in, Aunt Jackies Girls Heads up Shampoo, and Curls Knot Today Conditioner.  My question is should I just stick with one product line all the way through, (ie. Aunt Jackies, Shea Moisturizer etc) or have you found better results with mixing?
  2. I french braid my daughters hair(and place beads on it) all the time just to keep it in a style and keep it nice.  should I still spray her hair every other day and rub oil on it to lock in the moisture, or should I take it down to do that?  I ask this question, because you did suggest starting from the root to the tip of the hair.  I do understand that the tips of her hair may not get all the moisture until I take it down and apply, but it should still help correct?


Thank you so much for the great tips that you have given I am starting asap! God bless you and your family.





Natural Hair Novice Asked on April 3, 2017 in Basic Natural Hair Care.
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