Products for soft hair?

After reading the article and some of the questions posed — I think my baby’s hair is done changing. At 10 months old, he has really soft loose curls and it’s more brown/blonde not really black.
I’m from the West Indies so my hair is kind of like this.
My husband is from the deep south so he’s part black, part Native American, and part Indian. His hair is crazy to be honest.

I guess I was holding off on really trying to figure out what to do because I was convinced he would have thicker, curlier hair and I would just resort to what I know. But now I’m completely lost.

I wash his hair every 3 days and use coconut oil in it. That’s it. But now I’m hearing not to use that? What should I use? Am I washing it too often? It’s usually kinda oily by the time I wash it?

I don’t know what I’m doing! Help!

Natural Hair Novice Asked on December 24, 2016 in Products.
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