Sensitive edges, the picture on the left is before the hair loss

  • my daughter has very sensitive edges she breaks out in bumps whenever I pull them even slightly braids and even twists with any kind of tie pulled even lightly seem to cause these bumps and I have completely cut out using rubber bands completely. She has lost a considerable amount of her in the past 6 months and I just want to know what I can do to get her edges to grow and actually retain them. She will be starting kindergarten on two weeks so I will be styling regularly and suggestions? Also whenever I put any kind of tie in her hair, her hair enravels the hair tie almost immediately when I go to take them out before bed it’s almost impossible to get them out without breaking or a hassle! What can I do? I have just started a routine for moisture and I just want to get her hair back healthy.  Her edges are never really dry it’s just the ends but the photo on the left is before the hair loss the two on the right are now 

    Sensitive edges,  the picture on the left is before the hair loss

Natural Hair Novice Asked on August 18, 2016 in Hair Regimen.

I meant the right not left 😂 Sorry.

on August 18, 2016.
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Jamaican Black castor oil mixed with extra virgin olive oil can help thicken and strengthen her edges. The edges are notorious for being a sensitive spot for naturals. Easing up your hand when installing protective styles and massaging regularly with the Jamaican Black castor oil can make a huge difference.

As far as the breakage, you’ll have to do some investigating to figure out when and where she’s losing the most hair. Think about the following questions:

  • Do you have her wear a satin cap or sleep on a satin pillowcase EVERY night?
  • When you detangle her hair, do you only use fingers and a wide tooth comb when the hair is damp and slick with conditioner?
  • Do you use boar bristle brushes and combs with small teeth often? (Get rid of those, if so. Only use the combs with small teeth for parting, NOT to comb through the hair.)
  • Are you manipulating (combing, brushing, braiding) her hair more than twice a week? If so, that can cause huge problems over time. Wash, deep condition and style all on one day of the week and try to leave her hair alone for the rest of the week.
  • Has she had a major change happen recently? New medication? Diet change? A parent gone or deployed? Illness? All of those things can effect hair growth.
  • Does she get in the recommended amount of water for her age group each day? Healthy hair growth begins and ends with water. And that water has to start from the inside. In that same vain, are you spritzing her hair with water BEFORE applying any products? If not, you could be sealing in dryness and keeping out moisture which could be a root to your problems with her hair.

I know that barrettes are super cute, but the tiny teeth in those can wreck the ends over time. You may want to give her hair a break from that for a while. Use “ouchless” rubber bands on the ends if needed. Any rubber bands that you install, be they at the roots or on the end, should be cut out (carefully) with scissors. That’s a little known fact that can make a huge difference. Spending an extra dollar or two on hair ties can mean the difference between hair growth and hair breakage. 🙂

Admin Answered on August 18, 2016.
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Thank you sooooo much, she does NOT drink enough but this isn’t anything new I stay on her regularly about drinking fluids as I have the same issue. Her bonnets, scarves stocking caps Never stay on at night. I recently purchased one that seems to may be tight enough to stay on her head(a satin one) with a roughed part around the head so hopefully this works she keeps extremely wild. To detangle I use a denmen brush (spell check) I don’t know if that’s appropriate for her age? It is what I use in mine so I definitely will have to change the detangle G method but her hair tangles between the time I rinse out the conditioner and style so I end up combing it often.. Also I style her hair more than twice a week. I will have to change this also! Thank you I will definitely stay on all these things

Natural Hair Novice Answered on August 18, 2016.
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Glad some of that info helped! 🙂 My daughter’s hair is super “tangley” too. Remember that your goal in detangling is not to be able to “comb through” the hair. That’s a misconception as well. As long as there are no huge knots and snarls and you’ve released all of the shed hair, you can feel free to go ahead and style. Given that our hair naturally coils, it’s to be expected that there will be a few hairs constantly twisting around each other. The denman brush is fine though, just remember to start from the ends and go up. And again, don’t stress getting the brush all the way through cleanly. Trust me. Her hair will thank you if you ease off just a bit. 🙂

And finally, have you tried just a satin pillowcase? My daughter also sleeps wild. The satin pillowcase is all the backup I need if her bonnet slips off. 🙂

Admin Answered on August 18, 2016.
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