Sparce course hair and combing/picking it out…should I?

My 2 yr old daughter has a z curl and it is very sparce. I want to help it grow. Should I be picking it out daily? I feel its only breaking it off.

Natural Hair Novice Asked on August 1, 2016 in Hair Regimen.
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No, daily manipulation (picking out, combing or brushing) is not recommended. That can cause long-term damage and breakage. (As it seems you’re finding out.) If her hair isn’t long enough to put into a protective style (braids, twists, cornrows) then her hair should be spritzed with water every other day (or when it feels dry) and then sealed with a natural oil like extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. To detangle, use your fingers and gently pull apart tangles and knots section by section. Do this when hair is wet/damp and slick with a little leave-in conditioner. Try to limit your comb/brush use for just wash days. (Once a week.)

She’s more than old enough to begin deep conditioning treatments if you haven’t started them already. Here’s a great article on “How, when, and Why” to properly deep condition your little one’s hair. Moisture is the key to healthy hair growth. And that moisture can only come from water. Our hair LOVES water. That water needs to come from the inside first. Make sure she’s getting in the recommended amount of water for her age group each day and also be sure and provide her hair with water whenever it feels dry. (Followed up with a sealant of oil.) Deep conditioning weekly or biweekly will really help. 🙂

Admin Answered on August 1, 2016.
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