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My  daughter is mixed, but her hair is very thin and fine. Can i do something to make it fuller an ticker? Iam from Holland. Hope you can help me..

Natural Hair Novice Asked on July 24, 2016 in Basic Natural Hair Care.
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If your little one’s hair isn’t damaged and  he or she is older than a couple of years, you’ll kind of have to accept that most of that thinness and fineness is going to be hereditary. There ARE a few things that you can do to help it along though.

Regular scalp massages with essential oils like lavender and rosemary oil can help blood circulation in the scalp and increase thickness of the hair. Jamaican black castor oil is an oil that works naturally to thicken hair. You can find any of these oils online. If you have a natural food store or market these oils can be found there as well.

Also, make sure that you’re using a sulfate free shampoo when washing the hair. You’ll know it’s sulfate free as most sulfate free shampoos will indicate it on the front label.

If she’s less than two years old, there’s a good chance that her hair will thicken up naturally on it’s own in due time. 🙂


Admin Answered on July 24, 2016.
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