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I only wash my one year old’s hair once a week and moisturize once or twice daily with shea moisture moisturizing spray (not sure if that’s the correct name), coconut oil,  and Shea moisture kids butter. First,  is that too much product? His hair is very dry and loses moisture easily.  Secondly, he takes a bath every other day.  Is it okay to get his hair soaking wet with each bath and put in his Shea moisture kids conditioner or is that too much?  It makes his hair a lot easier to work with. 

Natural Hair Novice Asked on October 22, 2016 in Moisturizing/Conditioning.
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First, are you spritzing his hair with water before applying those products? If not, then that could be the route to a lot of your issues. It’s possible that you’re just sealing in dryness. Soaking his hair completely every other day is a bit much. His hair could begin to suffer from something called hygral fatigue which could be damaging. Spritzing the hair to dampen it before moisturizing is your best bet. If he’s a year old or older then adding a deep conditioning with heat to your regimen could make all of the difference in regards to manageability. Here’s an article on deep conditioning that may help.

If he’s at least a year, I would go ahead and do a clarifying treatment on him ASAP. Using those heavy products often isn’t necessarily wrong if it’s helping but it can cause buildup that can seal moisture out and isn’t easily removed with just a regular shampoo. Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

Admin Answered on October 24, 2016.
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