Water and products dry my daughters hair out and leave it hard not soft

Can’t seem to understand how and why every product I use seems to dry my 2 yr old’s hair out including water everything seems to make her hair hard and dry nothing makes it soft her hair texture is 4c and the texture of it is thick and puffy there has to be some way I can properly keep her hair moisturized and make it soft 

Natural Hair Novice Asked on July 15, 2016 in Moisturizing/Conditioning.
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A few things:

Have you ever tested your water for hard water? Here’s more info on that: “Hard Water and Hair Breakage”. If you have hard water you may need to purchase a few gallons of water to use on her hair for wash day or purchase a water softening device.

If your water is fine then we need to look at your actual regimen. Is the shampoo you’re using sulfate free? After shampooing are you deep conditioning (using heat) and then after deep conditioning are you applying a leave-in and then an oil to seal the hair as your final step? Those would be the proper steps to take to seal in moisture. Deep conditioning weekly is usually required for thick, low porosity 4c hair. That will help with moisture and manageability.

Admin Answered on July 15, 2016.
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